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Using electronic cigarettes in non smoking areas

Millions of  people are smoking electronic cigarettes across the world but whether you can use them in no-smoking areas remains a question for many people. Most e-cigarettes look like the real ones hence you might face opposition for smoking it in no-smoking zones. Although no smoke or flame is produced there is vapor and that’s what make people think that you are actually smoking.

If you are considering it using it in no-smoking zones such as restaurants and bars then you should know that the owners have the right to ask its patrons to not use their e-cigarettes within their premises. This so happens because a vast majority of people do not have proper idea about this kind of a cigarette. The most common reaction is that people think that it is smoking and it creates the same effects of a tobacco cigarette such as the haze and smell.

If you want to avoid any conflict with the owner of the establishment then before you attempt to use it you can talk to the manager or owner. Explain them what an electronic cigarette is all about and how it works. You should let them know what is in the vapor (propylene glycol, glycerin, water, and flavoring…..and if you use it, nicotine) and that it is not smoke.

To explain it in a better way you can compare it to a fog machine. The vapor comes out only when you take a puff unlike a real cigarette where the smoke comes out continuously. You should let them know that it is not combustion and does not create the same toxins that are found in a cigarette with tobacco. Also, you need to show them that the vapor does not travel very far and it dissolves immediately so it will not irritate the people surrounding you.

This explanation may or may not satisfy the management but you will be satisfied that you have educated one more person about smoking e-cigarettes. Until and unless people are educated about it, using electronic cigarettes in non smoking areas would be difficult. So start spreading the awareness today.

What is the Best Brand of Electronic Cigarette?

Not surprisingly, everyone wants the best. It doesn’t matter if they are shopping for kitchen sinks or e-cigarettes. Of course “best” is subjective as there are many factors to consider; price, quality, value, customer support, return policies, company history, etc. And besides the company, it is important to evaluate what model of e-cigarette you want to make sure the company you pick carries it.

To the point: if you are looking for a good company that stands behind it’s products, we recommend buying from this e-cigarette website. They stand behind their products and are very knowledge about e-cigs in general. They carry the Aurora e-cigarette which is a compatible model with the 510, one of the best and most popular e-cigarettes on the market. They also offer the eGo-T, for those who want a longer battery life, bigger cartridge capacity, and massive vapour but don’t care if their unit looks like a cigarette.

This is not to say there are not other companies that can make you happy, but we have experience with and have no problem recommending it. If you have had experience with or any other Canadian electronic cigarette company, please comment on this post to share with others.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Illegal In Canada?

There seems to be a great deal of confusion among smokers looking to try an electronic cigarette about their status in Canada. It stems from the press release that Health Canada issued in 2009. In it they discuss how electronic cigarettes with nicotine do fall within the Food and Drug Act and no one has of yet been given authorization to sell electronic cigarettes with nicotine in Canada. What is important is the constant referral to nicotine. E-cigarettes don’t need nicotine to function. In fact, nicotine in e-liquid is the least vaporizable substance. It is the propylene glycol and glycerin that vaporize to give the user the true feeling of smoking. So, the bottom line; electronic cigarettes with nicotine in Canada: not legal to sell. Electronic cigarettes without nicotine in Canada; legal.

There are a couple of important notes. First, with or without nicotine, no health or quit smoking claims can be made by the seller. Second, using an electronic cigarette with nicotine is not necessarily illegal. Health Canada only states it is illegal to sell them with nicotine. Keep in mind that users trying to get the nicotine e-liquid from out of country are at the mercy of Canada Customs and they have bee known to seize e-cigarettes with nicotine at the border.

Our recommendation is to try an e-cigarette without the nicotine. You’ll be surprised. And if you still find yourself wanting the nicotine, then use the gum, patch, or the odd tobacco cigarette. It’s still better than that pack a day you used to smoke!

What is an electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is a battery powered device that slightly heats up a solution of propylene glycol, glycerin, flavoring, and other ingredients (called e-liquid) to create a vapour that looks and acts like tobacco smoke.

The battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery and is the portion of the e-cigarette that is long and has a user activate light on the end; to simulate a burning cherry on a real cigarette.  Battery sizes and shapes vary greatly.  Bigger batteries last longer but smaller batteries create a better feeling that you are actually smoking.

The heating element is called an atomizer.  It can be activated to heat up the e-liquid either by inhaling or by pushing a button, depending on the model.  Some models use a cartomizer, or cartridge / atomizer combination.  In this case, each new mouthpiece contains a disposable heating wire.  Cartomizers are generally more expensive, although atomizers are the more issue prone part and cartomizers fix this problem as each new mouthpiece you put on has a new atomizer.

The last part of the electronic cigarette is the mouthpiece or cartridge.  Some models use refillable cartridges that where a wick soaks up and holds the e-liquid.  Others use a tank system where the e-liquid is contained in the mouthpiece.

There are many different models and and styles.  There is no best one, but rather best for each user.  Some vapers use their electronic cigarette sparingly, so battery life is not an issue.  Others want it to look like a cigarette.  Some what to refill their own cartridges, others don’t.  No matter the model or style, it is better than smoking.  Try one out.

Some Electronic Cigarette Models:

DSE 901 e-cigarette

DSE 901 - earlier model, uses refillable cartridge system.

Joye eGo-C

Joye eGo-C - bigger e-cigarette with a tank system and 2 part atomizer

Joye 510 e-cigarette

Joye 510 - very popular model and can use cartridges or tanks.Joye eGo-C - bigger e-cigarette with a tank system and 2 part atomizer.