Using electronic cigarettes in non smoking areas

Millions of  people are smoking electronic cigarettes across the world but whether you can use them in no-smoking areas remains a question for many people. Most e-cigarettes look like the real ones hence you might face opposition for smoking it in no-smoking zones. Although no smoke or flame is produced there is vapor and that’s what make people think that you are actually smoking.

If you are considering it using it in no-smoking zones such as restaurants and bars then you should know that the owners have the right to ask its patrons to not use their e-cigarettes within their premises. This so happens because a vast majority of people do not have proper idea about this kind of a cigarette. The most common reaction is that people think that it is smoking and it creates the same effects of a tobacco cigarette such as the haze and smell.

If you want to avoid any conflict with the owner of the establishment then before you attempt to use it you can talk to the manager or owner. Explain them what an electronic cigarette is all about and how it works. You should let them know what is in the vapor (propylene glycol, glycerin, water, and flavoring…..and if you use it, nicotine) and that it is not smoke.

To explain it in a better way you can compare it to a fog machine. The vapor comes out only when you take a puff unlike a real cigarette where the smoke comes out continuously. You should let them know that it is not combustion and does not create the same toxins that are found in a cigarette with tobacco. Also, you need to show them that the vapor does not travel very far and it dissolves immediately so it will not irritate the people surrounding you.

This explanation may or may not satisfy the management but you will be satisfied that you have educated one more person about smoking e-cigarettes. Until and unless people are educated about it, using electronic cigarettes in non smoking areas would be difficult. So start spreading the awareness today.

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