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Michael Siegel Corrects Misleading Opinions

Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes into the US market, many public health groups have went on the offense against their use. Arguments have ranged from “we just don’t know what is in them” to “they come with flavors so kids will start using them”. In recent months a new talking point has been taken up by anti e-cigarette organizations such as Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Americans for Non-Smokers’ Rights, and the American Legacy Foundation. The new objection is one dealing with the social acceptance of smoking. They argue that electronic cigarettes continue the action of smoking and normalize it again, reversing years of anti-smoking propaganda.

But Michael Siegel, Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health has issued a blog post to offer counter points to the misleading information being presented by those organizations with a vested interest. In his post named Blinded by Ideology, Anti-Smoking Advocates are Widely Misleading the Public into Thinking that Electronic Cigarette Use is a Form of Smoking, he correctly states that “By definition, using electronic cigarette use reduces cigarette use. Far from promoting smoking, advertisements that promote electronic cigarette use are urging smokers not to smoke — but to switch to electronic cigarettes instead.”

Semantics aside, Dr. Siegel is correct; vaping may be like smoking in many ways, but IT IS NOT SMOKING!  And equating it to smoking in order to apply the same laws to vaping and smoking, it unfair, unscientific, and helps no smokers.  What it does do, is keep those involved in industries against e-cigarettes; namely pharmaceuticals and tobacco, in business.

These so called “public health” organizations should be ashamed of bashing e-cigarettes, a product in direct competition with the most deadly product on the market.  If public health was their number one goal, e-cigarettes would be on their list of ways to quit smoking.

Puff Count Per E-Cigarette – The Real Story

We have been in the e-cigarette business for many years now, in one form or another.  And during that time one thing has been consistent – the inconsistency of puff count claims.  Many e-cig suppliers make outlandish claims of “200 puffs per cartridge” or more.  Although in recent years there have been some developments in cartomizer technology that have allowed for higher puff counts, the vast majority of electronic cigarettes contain far less puffs than advertised.  This discrepancy may come from marketing hype or direct from a manufacturer who based their count on a machine test, which rarely indicated real world use.  Below are some general guidelines to figure out how many puffs your e-cigarette cartridge should realistically give you.  Please remember the exact puff count will vary based on the exact e-cigarette model and user habits.

If you have a three piece e-cig model such as the original Njoy or Smoking Everywhere then you likely have a cartridge that can be detached from the atomizer.  Inside you will see a cotton wick to soak up and hold the e-liquid.  These cartridges can be refilled multiple times and usually hold enough e-liquid for 12 to 20 puffs.

If you have a cartomizer style electronic cigarette, then the atomizer and cartridge are one piece.  These “cartomizers” should really only be used once.  Multiple uses by refilling them can lead to burning of the wick on the inside, which means you will be inhaling stuff as bad as tobacco cigarettes.  Cartomizers hold more e-liquid than regular cartridges.  Puff counts range, depending the on the actual size of the cartomizer, between 20 and 40 puffs.  Many newer brands sold in convenience stores use this cartomizer system, including disposables.

The last style is a tank system.  This is where the e-liquid is contained within a tank with no wick.  Models range from the Joyetech eGo-T to those with “clearomizers” which is a tank system with the heating element enclosed within the tank.  Tanks hold much more e-liquid than either cartridges or cartomizers.  Normal puff counts range from 50 puffs and up, depending on the tank size.

We hope these general guidelines help you pick the right e-cigarette model for your needs and help you avoid being disappointed with purely marketing driven claims.

E-Cigarette Cartridge and Atomizer System

E-Cigarette Cartridge and Atomizer System

E-Cigarette Cartomizer System

E-Cigarette Cartomizer System

E-Cigarette Tank System

E-Cigarette Tank System

Reasons Why Health Canada Doesn’t Like E-Cigarettes

Here are our top reasons why we believe Health Canada has banned electronic cigarettes with nicotine and won’t let any companies claim e-cigarettes help smokers quit smoking.  Please note these are made up and suppose to be funny.  In no way has Health Canada indicated that any of the below reasons are factual…..although that doesn’t mean they are not 😉

1. If everyone in Canada was healthy, there would be no need for Health Canada.

2. First e-cigarettes, then e-joints.

3. Smokers pay taxes, taxes pay salaries.

4. There are not enough smokers working for Health Canada

5. They don’t believe vaping is as cool as smoking


Nonetheless, if you smoke and live in Canada, you can get e-cigarettes without nicotine and they work just fine!