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Electronic Cigarettes Featured On SNL

e-cigarettes on saturday night liveThe time has come when e-cigarettes have made it into pop culture via Saturday Night Live.  Although in the past, such icons as Johnny Depp in The Tourist and Katherine Heigl on David Letterman have introduced the electronic cigarette to the masses, SNL holds a special place when it comes to shaping and displaying pop culture.

It is a great step for the e-cigarette, especially considering the content surrounding the use of the smokeless cigarette. Actor Fred Armisen used an e-cigarette during the skit and then proceeded to tap it against a plate  in an attempt to put it out.  The electronic cigarette itself is the basis of the joke.  Our take away?  E-cigarettes are so much like tobacco cigarettes that the general public doesn’t see the difference…..there is no burning, no ashes, no tobacco, so no way to “butt” it out.

If nothing else, this get more smokers interested in vaping which considering the mortality rate of smoking, is a great thing for everyone.

Although the clip is on Hulu, which can only be viewed when within the United States, once aired the video and it’s repercussions for the e-cig industry will be fully realized.

Testing Shows Electronic Cigarette Vapor OK

Ever wonder if that vaper next to you blowing out plums of vapor is effecting you?  The scientific answer is no.  A study recently peer reviewed and published in the journal Inhalation Toxicology concluded that “Non-cancer risk analysis revealed “No Significant Risk” of harm to human health for vapor samples from e-liquids” and “For all byproducts measured, electronic cigarettes produce very small exposures relative to tobacco cigarettes.  The study indicates no apparent risk to human health from e-cigarette emissions based on the compounds analyzed.”  The full abstract can be found at the IVAQS (Indoor Vapor Air Quality Study) website.

It appears unfortunately that they did not test the non nicotine e-liquid, however since e-cigarette liquid with no nicotine is made up of the same stuff as that with nicotine (propylene glycol, glycerin, water, flavoring) it would be logical to conclude it would have the same, if not better results.

The study compared the emissions for an e-cigarette to those of a traditional tobacco cigarette as well as from a stand point of current regulatory standards for indoor pollution.  It was not surprising that “for tobacco smoke most findings markedly exceeded risk limits indicating a condition of “Significant Risk” of harm to human health.”  And although it was not surprising to those knowledgeable about e-cigarettes, it may have been for others to find out there was not any actual risk to non-users of e-cigarettes in vapor filled rooms.

We wish the National Vapers Club much success in using this scientific data to battle past and future electronic cigarette bans.  These bans were full of hypotheticals and unfounded bias.  At least now the lawmakers will have to concede that their laws are based on their own perceptions and not facts. Long live the e-cigarette!!!

Leaked: European Union May Be Planning To Ban E-Cigarettes

According to Michael Siegel from “The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary” blog, the Tobacco Journal International received information indicating that the European Union may have plans to ban the electronic cigarette unless it is marketed by a pharmaceutical company as a nicotine replacement therapy product.  This was the same position that the FDA in the United States took until is was challenged in court.  The US court determined that absent any health claims, the electronic cigarette with nicotine is a tobacco product.  So what is the difference?

Well, as a tobacco product, the e-cigarette can be sold wherever cigarettes are sold.  This makes the most sense to have an impact on current smokers since getting e-cigarettes in front of smokers is key.  Also as a tobacco product, there are less stringent rules and regulations to enter the market.  This is beneficial to everyone because it means increased competition and product innovations.

Now as an NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) the e-cigarette would be treated as nicotine gum or the patch.  This means they would only be allowed to be sold in pharmacies as a quit smoking product.  This limits their market exposure and gives smokers the impression that e-cigarettes are solely meant to help them quit smoking.  But what about those smokers who like smoking, but want to simply “try something else”?  This is the same case when a smoker walks into a gas station to buy cigarettes and sees the smokeless tobacco product Snus.  They may not be thinking about quitting smoking, but rather just trying some other form of tobacco.  This may lead to reduced consumption of tobacco cigarettes; and isn’t that the point?

I hope the European Union bases their decision on facts and science rather than which existing industry has the most pull.  Keep choice alive, especially when that choice is an alternative to a known killer.

More E-Cigarette Studies and Articles

Study finds e-cigarette vapor contains exponentially less particulate matter (PM) than secondhand cigarette smoke


VPLive Vape Team replays Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos’ e-cigarette heart study presentation at European Society of Cardiology, and interviews him. (begins at 24 minutes)


Dr. Melissa Walton Shirley – The e-cigarette: should cardiologists add this to our bag of tricks?


Dr. Seth Bilazarian – Smoking electronic cigarettes: A reasonable harm-reduction and smoking-cessation strategy?


PMI series- Reduced exposure evaluation of an Electrically Heated Cigarette Smoking System. Part 1: Non-clinical and clinical insights


PMI series – Reduced exposure evaluation of an Electrically Heated Cigarette Smoking System. Part 2: Smoke chemistry and in vitro toxicological evaluation using smoking regimens reflecting human puffing behavior


PMI series – Reduced exposure evaluation of an electrically heated cigarette smoking system. Part 3: Eight-day randomized clinical trial in the UK


PMI series – Reduced exposure evaluation of an Electrically Heated Cigarette Smoking System. Part 4: Eight-day randomized clinical trial in Korea


PMI Series – Reduced exposure evaluation of an electrically heated cigarette smoking system. Part 5: 8-Day randomized clinical trial in Japan


PMI series – Reduced exposure evaluation of an electrically heated cigarette smoking system. Part 6: 6-day randomized clinical trial of a menthol cigarette in Japan


PMI Series – Reduced exposure evaluation of an Electrically Heated Cigarette Smoking System. Part 7: A one-month, randomized, ambulatory, controlled clinical study in Poland


PMI Series – Reduced exposure evaluation of an Electrically Heated Cigarette Smoking System. Part 8: Nicotine Bridging – estimating smoke constituent exposure by their relationships to both nicotine levels in mainstream cigarette smoke and in smokers


Abstract presented at European Respiratory Society (ERS) confirms previous study finding that e-cigarettes modestly reduce airway resistance for ten minutes.

But abstract author Christina Gratziou, Chair of the ERS Tobacco Control Committee, issues press release misrepresenting her own abstract’s findings by claiming: “Experts warn that e-cigarettes can damage the lungs”

February 2012 ERS policy opposes “the use of all tobacco and unapproved nicotine delivery products such as cigarettes, chewable tobacco, and emerging products that include electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), snus, dissolvable tobacco and waterpipes.”

News media repeats and further embellishes unsubstantiated claims in Gratziou’s press release


Mike Siegel: “Experts” from University of Athens Tell the Public They Are Not Sure if Smoking is Any More Hazardous than Vaping, Despite Lack of Demonstration of Clinically Significant Effects on Airways and Improvement in Respiratory Symptoms in Many Vapers


Mike Siegel: Commentary and Responses in Addiction Consider the Potential Role of Electronic Cigarettes in Smoking Cessation and Harm Reduction


Mike Siegel: Electronic Cigarette Opponents Fail to Disclose Relevant Conflicts of Interest to the Public


Mike Siegel: More Conflicts of Interest Being Hid by Electronic Cigarette Opponents: Funding of their Organization by Big Pharma Not Disclosed


CASAA sends letter to Univ. of Kentucky President and KY AG urging investigation of Ellen Hahn


NY legislature sends bill to Cuomo that would ban e-cigarette sales to minors


Riverside County (CA) Supervisors ignore facts and reality, ban e-cigarette use in county owned buildings due to false fear mongering allegations.


Naples (FL) gets vapor lounge for patrons to share electronic cigarette comaraderie


Links courtesy of:

Bill Godshall

Executive Director

Smokefree Pennsylvania

E-Cigarette Controversy

European Society of Cardiology: Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart (5/17/12 interview/presentation by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos)
Hayden McRobbie presents on e-cigarettes at the 2012 UK National Smoking Cessation Conference
Gizmodo: The Best E-Cigarette
Brad Rodu: E-Cigarettes Awareness and Use
Mike Siegel: Electronic Cigarette Opponents Now Making Up, Not Just Lying About Evidence
University of Kentucky College of Nursing lies about e-cigarettes on website and signs posted at campus
Mike Siegel: Tobacco Free UK declares that electronic cigarettes cause cancer
Mike Siegel: Author of article attacking e-cigarettes appears to have failed to disclose significant financial conflict of interest
Health Canada’s actions against one E-Cigarette company.

USA Today Article on E-Cigarettes and More

In USA Today article, e-cigarette prohibitionists continue to misrepresent evidence about e-cigarettes, TVECA estimates 5 million e-cigarettes will be sold in the US in 2012.
Promote harm reduction for smokers and let’s prevent 100,000 dead bodies!
Barbados Ministry of Health protects cigarette markets by taxing e-cigarettes same as cigarettes and by banning e-cigarette use in public places, repeats false and misleading claims by Obama appointees at FDA when they tried to ban e-cigarettes.
Government funded activist in NY falsely claims Lorillard sent more than 5 million e-cigarettes to London Olympics

The Latest E-Cigarette News

E-Cigarettes a Wake-Up Call for Big Tobacco
Big Tobacco bets on e-cigarette future
On the E Train
Disposables or rechargables: Which e-cigarette should you stock?
Being Modern: E-cigarettes
Dr. Michael Gough at Kenmore Mercy Hospital (NY) claims “using an e-cigarette is very similar to using a regular cigarette”
E-cigaretttes – ‘My addiction has practically gone’; Malta’s Health Ministry protects cigarette markets by falsely claiming “there is no scientific evidence to substantiate their use as an alternative to conventional tobacco.”

The Good, The Bad, and The Junk Science About E-Cigarettes

MA legislative session ends without enactment of proposed e-cigarette tax or tobacco tax hikes
UK Health Minister Simon Burns protects cigarette markets and threatens public health by claiming e-cigarettes contain “potentially toxic substances” and pose “potential danger to consumers” without providing any evidence to justify his fear mongering claims demonizing the far less hazardous smokefree alternatives for smokers.
Study finds one third of Czech smokers have tried using e-cigarettes; Centre for Tobacco Addiction’s Eva Kvalikova says smokefree alternatives pose “almost zero risk”, says banning indoor use “doesn’t make sense”.
Study finds acute active and passive e-cigarette vapor exposure does not influence complete blood count (CBC) indices in smokers and never smokers, respectively.  In contrast, acute active and passive tobacco cigarette smoking increase the secondary proteins of acute inflammatory loadwhite blood cell, lymphocyte and granulocyte counts for at least one hour.
Wagner, Siegel and Borrelli respond to comments on e-cigarettes in Addiction
North Dakota e-cigarette opponents submit ballot initiative petitions with 21,000 signatures to ban e-cigarette use in all workplaces and ban smoking in several hundred, campaigners and news story fail to mention e-cigarettes.
Experts Question Legacy’s E-Cig Survey
Mike Siegel: American Legacy Foundation Takes More Money from Pfizer; Still Fails to Disclose Conflict of Interest on Electronic Cigarette Recommendations Disseminated to the Public
University of Auckland researchers recruiting 650 smokers for smoking cessation study using e-cigarettes
Mike Siegel critcizes Ellen Hahn and Kentucky Center for Smokefree Policy for misleading public about e-cigarettes
ACSH – A Kentucky nurse’s crusade against e-cigarettes: A celebration of junk science

E-Cigarette Survey News

Legacy Foundation survey (conducted January-April, 2010) found that 3.4% of American adults (about 8 million) reported ever using an e-cigarette, that cigarette smokers were 22.8 times more likely to have used an e-cigarette than never smokers (11.4% vs .5%), that 2% of former smokers had used an e-cigarette (including some/many/most who may have quit smoking with e-cigarettes) and that e-cigarette users self-reported better health status.  The online survey also found that 1.22% (about 2.9 million) of respondents indicated using an e-cigarette in the past 30 days, including 4.1% of cigarette smokers, .5% of former smokers and .3% of never smokers.  The survey also found that 40% of American adults had heard of e-cigarettes (including 57% of smokers and 32.5% of never smokers), and that 70% (of those who had heard of e-cigarettes) believed them to be less harmful than cigarettes.
But Legacy survey authors again call for FDA to ban e-cigarette sales until the agency approves them for “safety and effectiveness” required for drugs and drug devices, which Judge Leon and the DC Court of Appeals struck down as unlawful, ruling that the FDA can only regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products that don’t require “safety and effectiveness” approval.
Legacy press release omits and misrepresents its key survey findings about e-cigarettes, repeats false and misleading fear mongering claims, urges smokers to not use e-cigarettes (but rather expensive, ineffective and/or high risk smoking cessation drugs), calls for FDA regulation of e-cigarettes (while failing to acknowledge that Section 910 of FSPTCA Chapter IX would ban sales of nearly all e-cigarette products).
Mike Siegel on Legacy e-cigarette survey and press release: New Article Calls for Removal of Electronic Cigarettes from Market With No Data to Substantiate Benefits of their Removal and Without Disclosure of Conflict of Interest of Study Author
ACSH: Legacy Foundation’s results on e-cig: It’s working, so don’t use it
Deal or Dud: Safecig – the electronic cigarette (NC)
FOX8′s On Your Side Consumer Reporter Melissa Painter puts the Safecig to the deal or dud test.
Do e-cigs help you quit smoking? (NE)
blu e-cigs national TV commercial
Article in pharmacy journal misrepresents actions and motives of Obama FDA appointees who unlawfully banned e-cigarette sales; mispresents scientific evidence on products, opposes e-cigarettes for smoking cessation.
Passaic (NJ) City Council bans e-cigarette use and smoking at parks and within 35 feet of city-owned building entrances. Mayor Alex Blanco claims “This will prevent kids from seeing people smoking”, and former NJ Health Commissioner Fred Jacobs claims “kids are influenced by the conduct of adults. A 100 percent smoke-free policy sends a clear message that smoking is never an acceptable norm.”   Ordinance promoted by e-cigarette prohibitionist Karen Blumenfeld’s GASP, whose goal is to enact similar bans in all of New Jersey’s 566 municipalities.
Herald News endorses Passaic’s outdoor ban on e-cigarette use and smoking, while failing to acknowledge unwarranted and unenforcable inclusion of e-cigarettes in law.
Marine City (MI) Commissioners consider banning e-cigarette use and smoking on public beach
E-cigarette prohibitionist Ellen Hahn makes more false and misleading claims about e-cigarettes, comments by dozens of readers correct Hahn’s misinformation.

Worldwide E-Cigarette News

Electronic cigarette supplier poised to recruit after sales grow 1,000% (Scotland)
Survey of 973 smokers in Prague finds that 86% had heard about e-cigarettes, 26% had tried using them at least once, and 7% (i.e. 27% of those who ever tried them) were using them regularly.
Peter Hajek’s letter to Addiction defends and supports e-cigarettes
JF Etter points out known and potential health benefits of, and common sense about, e-cigarettes
Legacy Foundation prohibitionists again misrepresent scientific evidence and urge FDA to protect cigarette markets and kill smokers by banning e-cigarettes (while keeping exponentially more hazardous cigarettes legal).
Don’t ban electronic cigarettes (ND)
WebMD article on e-cigarettes fails to reveal products have helped many smokers quit or sharply reduced cigarette consumption, or that drug companies heavily fund many e-cigarette prohibitionists and propagandists.
The Sun (UK) reveals that anti e-cigarette propaganda has confused some Brits, consumer comments correct and clarify.
UK Vapers website shuts down after Totally Wicked CEO Jason Cropper threatens to sue those posting notes he considers libelous about TW products.
Times of Malta publishes letter by Scot containing false and misleading claims about e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco
After removing e-cigarette usage ban from proposed smoking ban, Mobile (AL) City Council rejects smoking ban.
Web-based electronic cigarette business ignites into storefront (NV)
First e-cigarette store in Menomonee Falls (WI) to open later this month, ALA’s Winisky falsely claims “they aren’t a safer cigarette” and that there is “no scientific evidence” showing e-cigarettes help people quit smoking.
New study suggests e-cigs less harmful than tobacco cigarettes
-Courtesy of Bill Godshall, Smokefree Pennsylvania