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Patterns of electronic cigarette use and user beliefs about their safety and benefits: An Internet survey

A new study name “Patterns of electronic cigarette use and user beliefs about their safety and benefits: An Internet survey” has been published.  The study was an Internet survey aimed at gathering scientific data regarding how e-cigarettes are used and how those users perceive them. The summarized conclusion from the study authors reads:

The participants primarily used e-cigarettes as a stop-smoking aid or as an alternative to conventional cigarettes, and the majority reported that they successfully stopped smoking. More data on e-cigarette safety and its efficacy in harm-reduction and smoking cessation are needed.

Bill Godshall from SmokeFree Pennsylvania added further details:

Survey of 179 Polish e-cigarette users finds 66% of users no longer smoked any cigarettes and 25% smoked fewer than 5 cigarettes per day, 41% primarily used e-cigarettes to quit smoking, 41% primarily used e-cigarettes to reduce harm associated with smoking, and 82% believed e-cigarettes to be less hazardous than cigarette smoking.

The survey results are not surprising to most vapers or those familiar with e-cigarettes or those who use them.

The study details can be found here.

E-Cigarette Survey News

Legacy Foundation survey (conducted January-April, 2010) found that 3.4% of American adults (about 8 million) reported ever using an e-cigarette, that cigarette smokers were 22.8 times more likely to have used an e-cigarette than never smokers (11.4% vs .5%), that 2% of former smokers had used an e-cigarette (including some/many/most who may have quit smoking with e-cigarettes) and that e-cigarette users self-reported better health status.  The online survey also found that 1.22% (about 2.9 million) of respondents indicated using an e-cigarette in the past 30 days, including 4.1% of cigarette smokers, .5% of former smokers and .3% of never smokers.  The survey also found that 40% of American adults had heard of e-cigarettes (including 57% of smokers and 32.5% of never smokers), and that 70% (of those who had heard of e-cigarettes) believed them to be less harmful than cigarettes.
But Legacy survey authors again call for FDA to ban e-cigarette sales until the agency approves them for “safety and effectiveness” required for drugs and drug devices, which Judge Leon and the DC Court of Appeals struck down as unlawful, ruling that the FDA can only regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products that don’t require “safety and effectiveness” approval.
Legacy press release omits and misrepresents its key survey findings about e-cigarettes, repeats false and misleading fear mongering claims, urges smokers to not use e-cigarettes (but rather expensive, ineffective and/or high risk smoking cessation drugs), calls for FDA regulation of e-cigarettes (while failing to acknowledge that Section 910 of FSPTCA Chapter IX would ban sales of nearly all e-cigarette products).
Mike Siegel on Legacy e-cigarette survey and press release: New Article Calls for Removal of Electronic Cigarettes from Market With No Data to Substantiate Benefits of their Removal and Without Disclosure of Conflict of Interest of Study Author
ACSH: Legacy Foundation’s results on e-cig: It’s working, so don’t use it
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Article in pharmacy journal misrepresents actions and motives of Obama FDA appointees who unlawfully banned e-cigarette sales; mispresents scientific evidence on products, opposes e-cigarettes for smoking cessation.
Passaic (NJ) City Council bans e-cigarette use and smoking at parks and within 35 feet of city-owned building entrances. Mayor Alex Blanco claims “This will prevent kids from seeing people smoking”, and former NJ Health Commissioner Fred Jacobs claims “kids are influenced by the conduct of adults. A 100 percent smoke-free policy sends a clear message that smoking is never an acceptable norm.”   Ordinance promoted by e-cigarette prohibitionist Karen Blumenfeld’s GASP, whose goal is to enact similar bans in all of New Jersey’s 566 municipalities.
Herald News endorses Passaic’s outdoor ban on e-cigarette use and smoking, while failing to acknowledge unwarranted and unenforcable inclusion of e-cigarettes in law.
Marine City (MI) Commissioners consider banning e-cigarette use and smoking on public beach
E-cigarette prohibitionist Ellen Hahn makes more false and misleading claims about e-cigarettes, comments by dozens of readers correct Hahn’s misinformation.

Worldwide E-Cigarette News

Electronic cigarette supplier poised to recruit after sales grow 1,000% (Scotland)
Survey of 973 smokers in Prague finds that 86% had heard about e-cigarettes, 26% had tried using them at least once, and 7% (i.e. 27% of those who ever tried them) were using them regularly.
Peter Hajek’s letter to Addiction defends and supports e-cigarettes
JF Etter points out known and potential health benefits of, and common sense about, e-cigarettes
Legacy Foundation prohibitionists again misrepresent scientific evidence and urge FDA to protect cigarette markets and kill smokers by banning e-cigarettes (while keeping exponentially more hazardous cigarettes legal).
Don’t ban electronic cigarettes (ND)
WebMD article on e-cigarettes fails to reveal products have helped many smokers quit or sharply reduced cigarette consumption, or that drug companies heavily fund many e-cigarette prohibitionists and propagandists.
The Sun (UK) reveals that anti e-cigarette propaganda has confused some Brits, consumer comments correct and clarify.
UK Vapers website http://ukvapers.com/ shuts down after Totally Wicked CEO Jason Cropper threatens to sue those posting notes he considers libelous about TW products.
Times of Malta publishes letter by Scot containing false and misleading claims about e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco
After removing e-cigarette usage ban from proposed smoking ban, Mobile (AL) City Council rejects smoking ban.
Web-based electronic cigarette business ignites into storefront (NV)
First e-cigarette store in Menomonee Falls (WI) to open later this month, ALA’s Winisky falsely claims “they aren’t a safer cigarette” and that there is “no scientific evidence” showing e-cigarettes help people quit smoking.
New study suggests e-cigs less harmful than tobacco cigarettes
-Courtesy of Bill Godshall, Smokefree Pennsylvania