Are Electronic Cigarettes Illegal In Canada?

There seems to be a great deal of confusion among smokers looking to try an electronic cigarette about their status in Canada. It stems from the press release that Health Canada issued in 2009. In it they discuss how electronic cigarettes with nicotine do fall within the Food and Drug Act and no one has of yet been given authorization to sell electronic cigarettes with nicotine in Canada. What is important is the constant referral to nicotine. E-cigarettes don’t need nicotine to function. In fact, nicotine in e-liquid is the least vaporizable substance. It is the propylene glycol and glycerin that vaporize to give the user the true feeling of smoking. So, the bottom line; electronic cigarettes with nicotine in Canada: not legal to sell. Electronic cigarettes without nicotine in Canada; legal.

There are a couple of important notes. First, with or without nicotine, no health or quit smoking claims can be made by the seller. Second, using an electronic cigarette with nicotine is not necessarily illegal. Health Canada only states it is illegal to sell them with nicotine. Keep in mind that users trying to get the nicotine e-liquid from out of country are at the mercy of Canada Customs and they have bee known to seize e-cigarettes with nicotine at the border.

Our recommendation is to try an e-cigarette without the nicotine. You’ll be surprised. And if you still find yourself wanting the nicotine, then use the gum, patch, or the odd tobacco cigarette. It’s still better than that pack a day you used to smoke!

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