What is an electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is a battery powered device that slightly heats up a solution of propylene glycol, glycerin, flavoring, and other ingredients (called e-liquid) to create a vapour that looks and acts like tobacco smoke.

The battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery and is the portion of the e-cigarette that is long and has a user activate light on the end; to simulate a burning cherry on a real cigarette.  Battery sizes and shapes vary greatly.  Bigger batteries last longer but smaller batteries create a better feeling that you are actually smoking.

The heating element is called an atomizer.  It can be activated to heat up the e-liquid either by inhaling or by pushing a button, depending on the model.  Some models use a cartomizer, or cartridge / atomizer combination.  In this case, each new mouthpiece contains a disposable heating wire.  Cartomizers are generally more expensive, although atomizers are the more issue prone part and cartomizers fix this problem as each new mouthpiece you put on has a new atomizer.

The last part of the electronic cigarette is the mouthpiece or cartridge.  Some models use refillable cartridges that where a wick soaks up and holds the e-liquid.  Others use a tank system where the e-liquid is contained in the mouthpiece.

There are many different models and and styles.  There is no best one, but rather best for each user.  Some vapers use their electronic cigarette sparingly, so battery life is not an issue.  Others want it to look like a cigarette.  Some what to refill their own cartridges, others don’t.  No matter the model or style, it is better than smoking.  Try one out.

Some Electronic Cigarette Models:

DSE 901 e-cigarette
DSE 901 - earlier model, uses refillable cartridge system.
Joye eGo-C
Joye eGo-C - bigger e-cigarette with a tank system and 2 part atomizer
Joye 510 e-cigarette
Joye 510 - very popular model and can use cartridges or tanks.Joye eGo-C - bigger e-cigarette with a tank system and 2 part atomizer.

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