What is the Best Brand of Electronic Cigarette?

Not surprisingly, everyone wants the best. It doesn’t matter if they are shopping for kitchen sinks or e-cigarettes. Of course “best” is subjective as there are many factors to consider; price, quality, value, customer support, return policies, company history, etc. And besides the company, it is important to evaluate what model of e-cigarette you want to make sure the company you pick carries it.

To the point: if you are looking for a good company that stands behind it’s products, we recommend buying from this e-cigarette website. They stand behind their products and are very knowledge about e-cigs in general. They carry the Aurora e-cigarette which is a compatible model with the 510, one of the best and most popular e-cigarettes on the market. They also offer the eGo-T, for those who want a longer battery life, bigger cartridge capacity, and massive vapour but don’t care if their unit looks like a cigarette.

This is not to say there are not other companies that can make you happy, but we have experience with SmokeInstead.ca and have no problem recommending it. If you have had experience with SmokeInstead.ca or any other Canadian electronic cigarette company, please comment on this post to share with others.

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