2 for 1 On eGo-T E-Cigarette Kits!

We came across a fantastic deal on eGo-T kits for Canadians.  The eGo-T is a great model of e-cigarette.  It has a larger capacity battery that will last most users about 2 days.  Rather than a cartridge it uses a tank system to hold the e-liquid.  This helps evenly feed the e-liquid to the atomizer producing large amounts of consistent vapour.  And to further help with vapour production, the eGo-T uses push button activation which allows the user to hold the button down longer for more vapour.

ego-T e-cigarette
2 eGo-T E-Cigarettes

The eGo-T kit comes with 2 full e-cigarette; 2 batteries and 2 atomizers, as well as a charger and 5 filled tank cartridges.  The current deal we found gives you 2 full kits for the price of one.  Just visit deal on eGo-T  e-cigarettes for more details!

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  1. A truly amazing product. My mother experienced one while visiting her sister in the U.S. and found it to be a better product than smoking a regular cigarette. At the time you could not buy these things in Canada, so we shipped it to my Aunt who shipped it to us. Unfortunately, the company that we bought the original kit from has more than one atomizer that fits the eGo-T, When trying to order (twice now) I got the wrong atomizer. The problem is with the picture of the device. I could/cannot tell between the one that accepts the cartridge from the drip tip one. Both times I ordered the wrong one. Be careful if you order replacement parts. We do not know how to clean the atomizer.
    The virtues are that it smells ok (got a cigarette smell) but isn’t too disturbing to me (a non smoker). The liquid is Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycol based. (propylene glycol is otherwise known as fog juice, non toxic), it also contains nicotine (and flavoring if you wish). None of the eliquid ingredients are carcinogenic. Nicotine is also non-carcinogenic but is addictive, however that is not a surprise. It helps calm the craving for a cigarette, but doesn’t burn any products. She tells me she also has more energy and stamina (not short breathed as when she smokes a cigarette).
    Gonna buy her another kit, The batteries from the old kit is still good, so she will have an extra two batteries and hardly ever be without her e-cig. Gonna see if I can find the best way to clean the atomizer when we get the new ones.
    One of the best investments we’ve made.
    If one wishes to quit smoking, it can be used as an aid to do so, as there are 7 levels of nicotine strength (including zero). The action of holding a cigarette is still there, the inhaling and expelling of the “smoke” still is there satisfying the psychological component. You can choose flavors to be added to the nicotine or nicotine free liquids. All in all, it IS a more healthy choice than a normal cigarette.

  2. Well, there are a lot less health dgaaming substances, as long as there is no smoke (no smoke no tar).Nicotine is still very addictive and bad for our health, so donb4t even think about starting smoking.By using the zero nicotine cartridge there shouldnb4t any bad effects for our health, but I do not know much about the effects of the other substances in the nicotine or vapor liquid. (It is mainly water)So In Fact : Do not start smoking or consuming nicotine if you not allready addicted!Best WishesThe Admin

    1. There are varying nioitcne strengths available. I know of a person who switched to e-cigs because it has the look and feel of a real cigarette, then gradually downgraded their nioitcne level until they were at ZERO nioitcne level (just flavoring). So yes, they do have a zero ziltch nada nioitcne with just the PG and flavoring. It’s EXCELLENT. I was a pack a day smoker since I was 19 (26 now) and I’ve been off cigarettes since 12/23/10

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