Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful?

Good question.  The answer is; there is nothing that is harm free.  Cars are not safe for instance, but they are safer with seat belts and air bags.  Eating fast food can be harmful if you eat it often enough, but it is better if you don’t “super size it”.  So the question of harm with electronic cigarettes comes down to degrees.  And it should not be compared to absolute safety, but rather in comparison to it’s counterpart; tobacco cigarettes.

Burning tobacco creates over 4000 chemicals which are then inhaled into the lungs.  Electronic cigarette vapour consists of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, and flavoring.  If you google propylene glycol you will see various opinions about it’s harmfulness, but the truth is that it is approved for use in food, cosmetics, and prescription and over the counter drugs.  It seems unlikely that Health Canada or the FDA would approve the chemicals found in tobacco smoke for use in food.  Can you imagine if carbon monoxide was approved for use in your toothpaste?

So when deciding what is best for you, do the research and make an informed decision.  And remember, smoking kills about half of it’s users prematurely.  Electronic cigarettes have not killed anyone to date.  This is not a claim to it’s safety or efficacy, but it is a fact.

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