Lorillard Tobacco Purchases Blu ECigs

It may be the first of many big deals in the e-cigarette world.  Lorillard has acquired Blu ECigs for $135 million.  Tobacco companies are flocking to the e-cigarette in the United States, ever since the FDA lost their court battle with NJoy and the e-cigarette was categorized as a tobacco product (rather than a pharmaceutical which was what the FDA was fighting for). It is a natural fit for already established tobacco companies who will now hopefully entice their customers to the better option; electronic cigarettes.

In Canada, the electronic cigarette is not considered a tobacco product, but rather falls under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of Canada provided it contains nicotine.  And as such, must be sold in pharmacies as other drugs in it’s category are sold.  To date no company has submitted the necessary paperwork and testing to market any electronic cigarettes in Canada that contain nicotine.

Even though Canadians can not get their nicotine via an electronic cigarette, they can still use them.  Many companies, such as this Canadian electronic cigarette company  market their products to smokers.  The vapour production and feeling of smoking does not diminish without nicotine.  And for those smokers bent on the continued use of nicotine, there are many nicotine products available in Canada such as nicotine gum, the patch, and smokeless tobacco.


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