Vaping In Public

Electronic cigarettes have become so popular among smokers from different walks of life. The companies manufacturing these cigarettes claim that people can smoke anywhere and everywhere and especially, in non smoking areas. The question is, is this true? In principle, it is true because electronic cigarettes are not known to produce any smoke but rather vapor which is not harmful to individuals in close proximity to the smoker. Consequently, unless the local government or the state where one comes from has specific laws that prohibit electronic smoking, you can enjoy it at your own leisure. From a legal perspective though, this should not be the case.

Restaurant and bar owners though have the right to ask patrons not to use these cigarettes within the premises of their building and this is because a large number do not understand what an electronic cigarette is. As such, they assume that it has the same effects as tobacco smoking which not only creates smoke, haze, nasty smell and other effects.

For the purpose of avoiding conflict therefore, when in non smoking areas, it is advisable to consult with the management first. Before attempting to use the electronic cigarettes, it is advisable to talk with the manager. If they don’t understand the features, explain it to them and how it works. Let them know that you do not run the risk of polluting the air with harmful toxins. Whether or not they give you the go ahead to smoke, you will have educated them on the electronic cigarette technology.

The other option for using your electronic cigarette in non smoking areas is using it without the knowledge of the management. In this case, you can hide the cigarette in one hand and blow vapor down the shirt. Use it as sparingly as possible in order to avoid detection. The only setback to this technique is once discovered you run the risk of getting thrown out of the establishment.

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