Prefilled Cartridges or Use E-Liquid?

Other than the many models, styles, and sizes of electronic cigarettes, there is also the question of whether to use already filled e-cig cartridges or to use e-liquid and fill your own cartridges.  Here are some pros and cons of both options:

Prefilled Cartridges:

Pros: convenient to use, less mess than filling with e-liquid, ensures cartridges are completely full

Cons: more expensive than filling your own cartridges

Using E-liquid to Fill Cartridges:

Pros: cheaper than buying new cartridges every time they run out, can try different e-liquids easily

Cons: can be messy until you have experience filling cartridges, chance of over/under filling which can damage your electronic cigarette

Both options for vaping your e-cigarette work much better than smoking tobacco cigarettes 😉 Make your decision and start using an electronic cigarette today! And remember, you can always start with prefilled cartridges to make life easier and move to filling your own cartridges at your leisure.

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