More E-Cigarette News – Worldwide

CBS News interviews smoker who quit by switching to e-cigarettes, exposes Polosa study finding e-cigarettes helped many smokers (who didn’t even want to quit) to quit and/or sharply reduce cigarette consumption. Drug industry funded ALA denies scientific evidence and health benefits of e-cigarettes, opposes smokers reducing lung disease risks by switching to smokefree alternatives, urges FDA to impose Chapter IX regulations that would destroy e-cigarette industry.
ALA also urged the FDA to ban these lifesaving products in 2009, which Obama appointees at FDA did while deceiving and scaring the public about the products, which 13 federal judges ruled was an unlawful action by the agency.
Norcross (GA) City Council unanimously repeals indoor/outdoor tobacco use ban (that included e-cigarettes) after constituents voice opposition, Councilman Charlie Riehm correctly states “I think the message is clear. We went too far.”
Mike Siegel: New study shows that emission of volatile organic compounds from electronic cigarettes is much lower than tobacco cigarettes
Local clinic performing e-cigarette study (CO)
Clive Bates, former head of ASH, writes on Big Pharma, snus and E-Cigs
E-cigarette hysteria causes chaos in UK 
What’s the etiquitte with e-cigarettes? 
Corrales (NM) fire officials blame noncombustible e-cigarette for starting wildfire, but fail to explain how that could occur.
Carl Phillips: Erasing the line between health-related news and entertainment (on claim that e-cigarette caused fire)
Isreal’s Health Ministry protects cigarette markets by urging smokers to keep smoking cigarettes instead of switching to far less hazardous smokefree e-cigarettes
Dragonite’s “Patent 944” that company recently sued 10 US e-cigarette companies for infringing upon  

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