Worldwide E-Cigarette News

Electronic cigarette supplier poised to recruit after sales grow 1,000% (Scotland)
Survey of 973 smokers in Prague finds that 86% had heard about e-cigarettes, 26% had tried using them at least once, and 7% (i.e. 27% of those who ever tried them) were using them regularly.
Peter Hajek’s letter to Addiction defends and supports e-cigarettes
JF Etter points out known and potential health benefits of, and common sense about, e-cigarettes
Legacy Foundation prohibitionists again misrepresent scientific evidence and urge FDA to protect cigarette markets and kill smokers by banning e-cigarettes (while keeping exponentially more hazardous cigarettes legal).
Don’t ban electronic cigarettes (ND)
WebMD article on e-cigarettes fails to reveal products have helped many smokers quit or sharply reduced cigarette consumption, or that drug companies heavily fund many e-cigarette prohibitionists and propagandists.
The Sun (UK) reveals that anti e-cigarette propaganda has confused some Brits, consumer comments correct and clarify.
UK Vapers website shuts down after Totally Wicked CEO Jason Cropper threatens to sue those posting notes he considers libelous about TW products.
Times of Malta publishes letter by Scot containing false and misleading claims about e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco
After removing e-cigarette usage ban from proposed smoking ban, Mobile (AL) City Council rejects smoking ban.
Web-based electronic cigarette business ignites into storefront (NV)
First e-cigarette store in Menomonee Falls (WI) to open later this month, ALA’s Winisky falsely claims “they aren’t a safer cigarette” and that there is “no scientific evidence” showing e-cigarettes help people quit smoking.
New study suggests e-cigs less harmful than tobacco cigarettes
-Courtesy of Bill Godshall, Smokefree Pennsylvania

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