E-Cigarette Controversy

European Society of Cardiology: Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poOP9skjaxM (5/17/12 interview/presentation by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos)
Hayden McRobbie presents on e-cigarettes at the 2012 UK National Smoking Cessation Conference
Gizmodo: The Best E-Cigarette
Brad Rodu: E-Cigarettes Awareness and Use
Mike Siegel: Electronic Cigarette Opponents Now Making Up, Not Just Lying About Evidence
University of Kentucky College of Nursing lies about e-cigarettes on website and signs posted at campus
Mike Siegel: Tobacco Free UK declares that electronic cigarettes cause cancer
Mike Siegel: Author of article attacking e-cigarettes appears to have failed to disclose significant financial conflict of interest
Health Canada’s actions against one E-Cigarette company.

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  1. after 30+ years of smoking it was time to rescotk for my next month of analogs and son told me about the ecig .he did all the research and the day my ego kit came in was the last time i smoked an analog. That was 1/21/11. +24Was this answer helpful?

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