The Good, The Bad, and The Junk Science About E-Cigarettes

MA legislative session ends without enactment of proposed e-cigarette tax or tobacco tax hikes
UK Health Minister Simon Burns protects cigarette markets and threatens public health by claiming e-cigarettes contain “potentially toxic substances” and pose “potential danger to consumers” without providing any evidence to justify his fear mongering claims demonizing the far less hazardous smokefree alternatives for smokers.
Study finds one third of Czech smokers have tried using e-cigarettes; Centre for Tobacco Addiction’s Eva Kvalikova says smokefree alternatives pose “almost zero risk”, says banning indoor use “doesn’t make sense”.
Study finds acute active and passive e-cigarette vapor exposure does not influence complete blood count (CBC) indices in smokers and never smokers, respectively.  In contrast, acute active and passive tobacco cigarette smoking increase the secondary proteins of acute inflammatory loadwhite blood cell, lymphocyte and granulocyte counts for at least one hour.
Wagner, Siegel and Borrelli respond to comments on e-cigarettes in Addiction
North Dakota e-cigarette opponents submit ballot initiative petitions with 21,000 signatures to ban e-cigarette use in all workplaces and ban smoking in several hundred, campaigners and news story fail to mention e-cigarettes.
Experts Question Legacy’s E-Cig Survey
Mike Siegel: American Legacy Foundation Takes More Money from Pfizer; Still Fails to Disclose Conflict of Interest on Electronic Cigarette Recommendations Disseminated to the Public
University of Auckland researchers recruiting 650 smokers for smoking cessation study using e-cigarettes
Mike Siegel critcizes Ellen Hahn and Kentucky Center for Smokefree Policy for misleading public about e-cigarettes
ACSH – A Kentucky nurse’s crusade against e-cigarettes: A celebration of junk science

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  1. Personally I think people should be switching to electronic cigarettes and cutting down on their smoking, with the intention of eventually quitting. E-cigs are much safer and healthier and really help smokers quit.

    1. below they don’t have a leg to stand on, real cigarettes are raelly bad e cigs are awesome! just remember cigarettes kill more people than every illegal drug combined yet no one calls for the banning of tobacco? this world is controlled by the corporations.

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