Canadians Are Concerned Over Vaping?

In a recent article by CBC, they claim parents are concerned over vaping i.e. the usage of electronic cigarettes by children.  The full article can be found here:

The article doesn’t cite any evidence that children are using electronic cigarettes.  It doesn’t discuss if children who already smoke where potentially the ones using them.  It doesn’t have any credible facts at all.  This type of “journalism” simply spreads fear about a product that is marketed directly to of age smokers across the world.    And in Canada, users can’t even get an e-cigarette with nicotine, which eliminates the danger of a child actually drinking the e-liquid, since without the nicotine there are no poisons in e-liquid which is made up of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, and food flavorings all of which are approved for use in food.

So to dismiss one product, with no known serious health effects (although the product is too young to comment on long term exposure) and yet not mention that the product is designed to replace a product (tobacco cigarettes) that kills about 50% of the users, is irresponsible at best.  Come on CBC, do some digging before you try to scare the Canadian public.

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  1. The problem here is that the store operator did not bother to card the kid to see if they were of legal age to purchase the product. This leads me to believe that they would perhaps be selling them the cigarettes that his parents are not complaining about. Tobacco cigarettes have been proven to kill you…yet you let your child smoke them. Ecigs have not been fully evaluated yet…how long does this take?…but they do not have all the chemicals found in tobacco related products. Has anyone checked on the ingredients and side effects of the other forms of stop smoking aids? Perhaps people should get more worked up over what HC says is a good way to stop your nicotine addiction.

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