Free Electronic Cigarettes?

electronic cigarette free trialIf you are looking for electronic cigarettes online, it is hard not to come across an offer for “free electronic cigarettes” or “free starter kit” or some sort of trial offer.  Tempting to be sure, but two old adages come to mind; if it seems to good to be true it probably is and you get what you pay for.  These so called freebies can turn out to cost you more time and money than you think.  Here is how most work, although I am sure there are other methods with the same outcome.

You sign up with your information and credit card with the promise of receiving a free e-cig starter kit.  These kits may or may not be quality.  You also agree to a monthly subscription to receive cartridges on a monthly basis.  This is analogous to the old buy a CD for a penny scam.  At first glance it seems like a great deal since you will of course need new cartridges for as long as you continue vaping.  The issue arises when you decide to not continue receiving cartridges for one reason or another.  It may be because the unit broke or you moved on to a different model or you simply don’t vape anymore.  When you try to cancel you subscription and subsequently monthly billing, you can’t get a hold of customer service or even if you do the billing doesn’t stop.

This is compounded when you compare the cost of cartridges for “free” starter kits compared to those provided by reputable companies or especially compared to the cost of buying e-liquid and refilling your own cartridges.   Companies don’t make money by giving away electronic cigarettes and they do make money.  So obviously they make enough from the cartridges to cover the cost of the kits.

Don’t get fooled.  E-Cigarette kits cost money.  If you want to vape, buy one.  If you want a free one, dream on…..maybe the best things in life are free but electronic cigarettes are not.

If you are looking for electronic cigarettes, here are some companies with good product and good reputations:  V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Dragonfly Ecigs, Aurora Cigs, Joyetech.

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