Can Electronic Cigarettes Save All Canadians Money?

The debate over tobacco use, tobacco taxation, and the health care costs associated with tobacco use in Canada has always been heated.  Smokers generally take the position that it is a private activity and they should have the freedom to partake.  They also argue that the money they spend on cigarettes, which about 63% to […]

Are Canadian Pharmaceutical Companies Involved?

In the United States the pharmaceutical companies are closely tied to public health organizations.  In fact a lot of the funding for many public health organizations comes from big pharma.  Not to mention that the FDA gets a lot of it’s funding from licensing, fees, and fines from the major players in the legal drug […]

Agree, End The Ban On Nicotine E-Cigarettes In Canada

In a comment article printed in the National Post at the end of last year, Jesse Kline makes the argument for ending the ban in Canada on electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine.  While I fully agree the ban is not in the best interest of the health of Canadians, there are a few issues with […]

Leaked: European Union May Be Planning To Ban E-Cigarettes

According to Michael Siegel from “The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary” blog, the Tobacco Journal International received information indicating that the European Union may have plans to ban the electronic cigarette unless it is marketed by a pharmaceutical company as a nicotine replacement therapy product.  This was the same position that the FDA in the United […]

Canadians Are Concerned Over Vaping?

In a recent article by CBC, they claim parents are concerned over vaping i.e. the usage of electronic cigarettes by children.  The full article can be found here: The article doesn’t cite any evidence that children are using electronic cigarettes.  It doesn’t discuss if children who already smoke where potentially the ones using them.  It […]

More E-Cigarette Studies and Articles

Study finds e-cigarette vapor contains exponentially less particulate matter (PM) than secondhand cigarette smoke   VPLive Vape Team replays Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos’ e-cigarette heart study presentation at European Society of Cardiology, and interviews him. (begins at 24 minutes)   Dr. Melissa Walton Shirley – The e-cigarette: should cardiologists add this to our bag of tricks?   Dr. Seth Bilazarian […]

Reasons to Vape

An innovation within tiny measured technologies, the actual E-cig is really a contemporary question which allows individuals to have the sensation as well as a result of cigarette smoking, however in contrast to the conventional equal, the actual E-cig North america will not produce the lethal beverage associated with chemical substances. The e-cigarette rather produces […]

E-Cigarette Controversy

European Society of Cardiology: Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart (5/17/12 interview/presentation by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos) Hayden McRobbie presents on e-cigarettes at the 2012 UK National Smoking Cessation Conference Gizmodo: The Best E-Cigarette Brad Rodu: E-Cigarettes Awareness and Use Mike Siegel: Electronic Cigarette Opponents Now Making Up, Not Just Lying About […]

USA Today Article on E-Cigarettes and More

In USA Today article, e-cigarette prohibitionists continue to misrepresent evidence about e-cigarettes, TVECA estimates 5 million e-cigarettes will be sold in the US in 2012. Promote harm reduction for smokers and let’s prevent 100,000 dead bodies! Latest studies confirm e-cigarette vapor safety Barbados Ministry of Health protects cigarette markets by taxing e-cigarettes same as cigarettes and by banning […]

The Latest E-Cigarette News

E-Cigarettes a Wake-Up Call for Big Tobacco Big Tobacco bets on e-cigarette future On the E Train Disposables or rechargables: Which e-cigarette should you stock? Being Modern: E-cigarettes Dr. Michael Gough at Kenmore Mercy Hospital (NY) claims “using an e-cigarette is very similar to using a regular cigarette” E-cigaretttes – […]